Las Cruces Real Estate Home Owners Are Staying Much Longer

Dated: 11/14/2019

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November 14, 2019


I recently ran across an article that stated that, on a national level, home owners are staying in their home about 13 years before they sell.  This is much longer than the trend that stayed in a range of 5-7 years for the longest time.

In Las Cruces, one thing that I have noticed that has effected the duration of home ownership, is the market crash in the 2006 – 2007.  In my neighborhood, as well as others in which the homes were built in 2005 and 2006, there simply has been no incentive to sell because the market value decreased – drastically – right after purchase.  Many home owners opted to stay put or rent out their homes and await better market times.

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The good news:  Many of the homes that were built in 2005 & 2006 have now met or exceeded their original values.  You can check by clicking here and entering your property address for a quick valuation.  It’s fast, simple, and FREE.

To see all the homes currently for sale in Las Cruces, click here.

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