Las Cruces Real Estate Buyer Or Sellers Market

Dated: 10/19/2019

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Many times throughout the year I am asked whether we are in a Sellers Market or a Buyers Market.

One thing that must be considered is the Absorption Rate (AR) as shown in the chart below for Las Cruces.  The AR shows how many months it would take - if no homes are added to the market - for the existing inventory to sell.  

Many in the industry consider it a Sellers Market when ARs are below 6 months and a Buyers Market when above 6 months.  As you can see from the chart, Las Cruces has a very low AR; trending downward for at least the last year > this indicates a STRONG Sellers Market.

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What should this mean to you?  If you are thinking about selling your home in Las Cruces, this may be an optimum time as the AR is teetering around 3.5 months.

You may be surprised at the value of your home in today’s market.  For a quick valuation, click here and enter your property address.  It’s fast, simple, and FREE.

To see all the homes for sale in Las Cruces, click here.

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