A Stress Free Christmas In Las Cruces

Dated: 12/07/2019

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Let's face it.  Sometimes the holiday season can be a bit overwhelming.  Endless running around, lines in very store, and the traffic on Lohman can all become too much.  Why not try something different to slow down the pace and embrace the "all is calm" demeanor.  In an effort to slow down your schedule, and bask in the hidden beauty of the season, try these gentle festive activities that are sure to help your season become a bit more calm.

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Viewing Christmas Lights From Your Car  This age old tradition still holds true to this day.  There is something charming about hopping in your car, getting lost, and discovering hidden gems of house lights around town. This is my personal favorite as our 4 year old is prone to the hype of the hustle and bustle in department stores. Having a quiet night driving around Las Cruces has become one of my new favorite traditions. 

Las Cruces Railroad Museum  This quaint museum will truly warm your heart as you view the special holiday model trains. Old fashioned holiday decorations will also adorn the museum’s walls and make you feel as though you stepped back in time. This is the perfect place to unwind and reflect on christmases past.  

Visit the Theater  Las Cruces is filled with performing arts and theater productions all year round. However, this holiday season will not disappoint as the NutCracker is being performed on the NMSU campus. If you want something that will leave you laughing, check out A Christmas Story - The Musical playing at the Las Cruces Community Theater.  

Visit The Plaza  Both Las Cruces and Mesilla  have a beautiful Christmas tree display in their main plaza. Often times people will rush to see the tree lighting ceremony, but my advice is to hold off. If you are looking to avoid the crowds then go at a later time. There is definitely something magical about breathing in the crisp winter air and staring up at the Christmas tree lights in your own serenity.   

Take to the Woods  Did you know that you can actually cut down a Christmas tree in Cloudcroft? Well, its true! For the past 10 years our family has made the trek to the woods to find our perfect tree. The permit to cut down the tree can be purchased at any Forest Service office for $10. Even if yelling “timber” as your tree falls is not your thing, the sweet smell of pine will have you humming Christmas tunes in no time. 

Sincerely wishing you a very Merry Christmas,

-Carl & Deneve

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