Does Your Home Inspire Wellness

Dated: 02/28/2020

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Does your home inspire wellness?  

When you think of wellness, does your living space come to mind?  If you are like me, then the answer is most likely "not really".  When I think about the concept of wellness, I imagine diet and exercise.  But honestly it's so much more than that!  Many people today are taking wellness beyond kale and cardio.  So, if you want to improve your quality of life, you may want to try a  wellness focused interior design.

The use of natural elements will inevitably boost your mood, increase your productivity and influence your overall mental well-being.  Here are some ways that you can bring this trend into your home:

Let in the Light  Living in the Land of Enchantment, we must make a conscious effort to remember the value of what sunlight brings to our home.  It's all too easy for us to just close the blinds and be on our merry way.  However, the sun's light can elevate our mood and promote alertness.  Take advantage of daylight by arranging workspaces near windows, using light-filtering curtains or strategically hanging mirrors to reflect more light.  Natural light can recenter your sleep cycle and promote vitamin D production - two keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Promote Air Circulation  Proper air circulation provides a regular temperature, removes impurities and that "stale" feeling, and prevents mold.  For better air quality, use ceiling fans, open the windows, and install screen doors.  The more space there is in a room, the more air can circulate.  In a dust storm?  No problem - even a small table fan can make a huge difference.

Add More Plants  Being close to nature can improve your overall well-being.  Plants add color to your home, purify the air, and may even reduce stress.  Bring the outside in by adding plants to every room in your home,, especially the spaces where you spend the most time.  If you don't have a green thumb, try various cacti of all shapes and sizes - they are easy to maintain.

Design a Calming Space  Create a private sanctuary that's free of distractions - including clutter and electronics.  Dedicate time to this space so you can calm your mind and gain a fresh perspective to reflect on your day.  I have a cozy antique rocking chair that I love sitting in while soaking up the sun and viewing the Organ Mountains.  There's nothing better than watching the mountains turn form purple to brown!  I absolutely love it and imagine you would too.

Candles  Lighting a candle can create a very calming environment.   The low light that candles emit is captured by your eyes straight to your brain for processing.  Our associations with candlelight naturally cause the body to relax - helping how feel emotionally and physically.  Just remember - pick a scent you like!  Otherwise, you may be stuck with "Island Paradise" until the scent clears away.

Interested in boosting your home's wellness factor, or looking for a place to call your own?  We are here to help!

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    I felt so relaxed just reading your beautiful article. Thank you for that.

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